Screen Writer

We are planning three seasons (clear beginning, middle and end), with fifteen 44-minute episodes written back to back; meaning a fully worked out first season and reasonably well flashed out second and third seasons before starting production. The spine of the story is now done, and we are ready to work out details and to soon write scripts.
We are now looking for writers who are willing to take on a passion project, and be part of the writing team early on, so that when pitching the show, we will have an amazing writing team to pitch with it.

We are looking for a mixed group of writers, both men and women with different ethnic backgrounds. Our team will be 5-7 people who have to cover a variety of specific writing skills, including the following:
- Dialogue
- Action
- Philosophy
- Science
- Drama
- Comedy

All successful applicants will be able to display a strong understanding in writing at least one of these elements, as well as produce a clear, focused, consistent story structure with unique ideas. Our goal is to create a story that entertains, characters who evoke emotion, and a theme to remember. The finished product will be one-of-a-kind, smart, creative, entertaining and extraordinary, just like its writers.

The team will use the story bible and the existing outline while working on filling in the gaps, adding their own ideas, and writing the finished script. At the current stage there are many things that are still fluid, so you can really add your fingerprint to the project. Bear in mind, the process might easily take up to a year, so long term commitment is a must.

If you wish to become a part of this journey, send us your application and let us know:
- Why you wish to join
- What is special about you
- Which of the six aforementioned writing styles is/are your main strength(s)
- A few key principles you have about writing/writing techniques
- Your previous experience

Those who pass the first stage will be asked to write a short scene or story (1-2 pages) to showcase their compatibility with the project. After that, you will receive a formal NDA contract and all the necessary materials.

We are looking forward to having you on our team!