Summary of each season

Season 01

The first season introduces Zhe, Uhu'a and Nadira, as well as RNA, its backstory, the importance of the Dyson Swarm, and the rules and science behind the robots and the technologies.

Clearly establishes the characters, their personalities and their goals.

Shows the full story of how people created the RNA project (in clips/cutaways).

Introduces the sense of urgency to bring people back by creating a deadline.

Rise and fall of the V5 series.

Nadira wakes up and learns about the new world.

Nadira and Uhu'a's relationship slowly growing bitter.

Uhu'a turning against RNA.

Destruction of the Dyson Swarm.

Season 02

Battle in two areas.

Robots vs Casskeys: Large-scale battle led by Zhe.

Nadira vs Uhu'a: Small, personal, emotional fight. Nadira wins by stabbing Uhu'a in the heat of the moment. Nadira cries over her dying body saying, "they will be fine". Uhu'a accepts her promise and dies. 

Casskeys are overpowered and given the chance to surrender.

Nadira is destroyed by having just killed for the first time since her brother's death and runs away.

Season 03

This season is sort of an "Empire Strikes Back" after the RNA managed to succeed with its greatest challenges.

The third season focuses on Nadira's inner conflicts and trying to cope with her actions.

In a tense situation during a mission a group of Quintonians assume that Jah'eiya is a radical and kill him in front of Ne'eiya. Even though it is revealed that Jah'eiya was not dangerous, the Quintonians do not hold his killer responsible, further devastating his sister. At the end of the episode Rassie takes revenge by blowing up the "courthouse", killing the murderer and the dozens of corrupt Quintonians. This causes a huge diplomatic issue between the Quintonians and the RNA, but the RNA stands with Rassie.

Nohoo is also deeply disturbed by Jah'eiya's death. She supports Rassie in his actions, causing her to take her first true step to change sides.

The defeat of the Casskeys and the attack on the Quintonians gives momentum to the radicals' agenda, and erodes the diplomatic relationships built between the RNA and many alien societies.

Nadira finds herself again by the end of the season.

Season 04

In Season four this happens

Season 05

In Season five this happens

Here we work out the overall story arc for the entire series, as well as establish plot points taking place at any time during the show.

This can help us plan well ahead, keep consistency, place Easter eggs, and set up stories seasons in advance.