Cosmos is an entirely CGI production, using motion capture and real-time rendering to bring the show to life. As such, we are currently building a large team of CGI artists who will develop many of the previz and assets used in the series.

We are now looking for hard-surface and organic modellers, as well as texture, clothes, and hair artists who will create alien characters, robots, spaceships, environments and props (there will be openings for riggers, animators, Houdini artists, lighters, renderers, etc. in the near future). You may want to do a specific task (modelling assets), or develop a full asset (model, texture, and add hair/clothes to a character) - there is an opportunity for both.

Assets have to have good topology and UV mapping, and be ready for animation/rendering. You will receive regular feedback and guidance, and will submit Maya scene files and textures (though this may be subject to change depending on your specific skillset).

Here are some examples of our current previz assets:

Ceres 1 (1).jpeg
Illua 1.jpg
Ne'Eiya 1.jpg
Ceres 1 (3).jpeg
Illua 4.jpg
Ne'Eiya 3.jpg

When applying, please be sure to choose the type of work you are after, explain why you wish to join, and leave a link to a relevant previous work you did!

If accepted, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, then you will be given every information and instruction you will need to complete the job. While the asset produced will remain the property of 4th Dimension Studio, you are welcome to use the rendered images in your portfolio.

Available Jobs:

Thanks for submitting!