The robots do not rebel or show signs of free will, they blindly do their tasks.

Core programming:

  1. RNA must do absolutely anything necessary to bring back humanity.

  2. RNA must preserve its existence until humanity is brought back to life, unless this violates the first rule.

  3. RNA must try to form positive relationships with any intelligent species it comes across, and must not engage in combat with any alien species, unless this violates the previous rules.

  4. RNA must not cause harm to sentient creatures, unless this violates the previous rules.

  5. RNA must continuously evolve and replicate itself, unless this violates the previous rules.

  6. No robot can be created without the SK Chip.

Limits of Science

No time travel allowed under any circumstances. 

No breaking the laws of physics such as:

  • The speed of light (only exception is space warp travel)

  • Escaping a black hole from behind the event horizon

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About Space

No sound in space.

No explosions in space.

No G forces in space.

No unrealistic asteroid fields.