The RNA (ribonucleic acid) project was humanity's final, desperate attempt to avoid complete extinction. It was a decade-long project at the end of the 21st century, involving the world's top scientist to create a series of perfectly programmed robots, that would replicate and develop themselves, and bring back mankind. The last people died just as RNA started.

For over a hundred years after its conception the robots were still confined to Earth, improving their scientific knowledge and developing interstellar travel. After building the first long-range spaceship, they spread out across the galaxy. They began visiting planets that could support life, mining deserted planets for resources, discovering new elements, and building a Dyson Swarm for unlimited energy. The D.S. would soon become their primary source of power which allowed them to continue as interstellar travel, the work carried out, and building their fleets of ships, machinery and robots required a huge amount of energy.

While visiting planets, they came across thousands of worlds with life on them, the majority of which lacked intelligent species. They did, however, encounter a number of advanced aliens, and managed to develop good relationships with many of them. RNA offered resources, knowledge and robot labour in exchange for help, creating strong connections with a number of civilisations. 

An integral part of the RNA coding is not using any means of violence towards living creatures (unless absolutely necessary to save allies) to avoid large scale wars and invasions. This means robots peacefully allowing their own destruction rather than attacking back (unless they can leave). The only exception is an attack on the entire RNA that could potentially jeopardise the project, in which case they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves. For that purpose exists the P.S.U. (Program Security Unit), which is essentially their version of the army.

RNA is an enormous society of A.I. robots that has been around for 700 years. These robots are built by other robots and they all fulfil specific tasks e.g. mining, constructing, maintaining, science, relationships, discovering etc. Among them there are leaders/decision makers and there is a clear line of ranks, much like in human societies.

Cesskay History


Uhu'a's species, the Cesskays are a peaceful kind, living 3-4 times longer than humans. Once they have achieved interplanetary travel, under Uhua's mother's command they visited their neighbouring planets, discovering another intelligent species, the Greeyans. Though they were a more primitive civilisation (late 19th century humans), first contact was peaceful. For a decade the Cesskays offered their advanced technology to help the Greeyans, building a good relationship. However, the Greeyans were a more violent species and used the newly acquired technology to turn against and rage war on one another.


Uhua told her mother that it's not right to give the Greeyans technologies they can use to kill each other, convincing her to end the trade. The Greeyans believed it was because the Cesskays wanted to remain superior, and potentially rule over them, and as a result they started an interplanetary war. 70% of all Cesskays were killed (including Uhua's mother) in the war before they could finally wipe the Greeyans out of existence.

Having learned from their experience, they were extremely cautious when a 100 years later the RNA showed up. By then Uhua was a guilt driven adult in a high position, in charge for their world's restoration. Despite the initial concerns, they built a strong relationship with RNA, helping one another.

Due to their past, they have a very strong sense of self preservation (as in species, not individual), making them hard to trust others, while they do whatever it takes to protect their people.



The radicals are a large group of aliens who are against the RNA for one reason or another and came together to sabotage them. They were rejected from their own societies because of their destructive behaviours, and now live as renegades without stability or support from their planets. They occasionally attack the RNA and its allies.

They eventually join the V5s as an "enemy of my enemy" team up who provide them with a stable home.

Nohoo is a young female radical, who during an attack on the Ceres-5 is spared and saved by Jah'eiya. During the following two seasons she gradually changes sides, which solidifies when Jah'eiya is killed.

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V5 Series


The V5 Series was supposed to be a set of "ants" (robots built specifically to be used by allied aliens for their own benefit as payment for their help). They are advanced, multipurpose robots with corrupted SK chips. During their production, the #1 core program was erased leading to an unstable system. Because of this, the RNA construction crew began to systematically destroy them. After a number of successful attempts, the rest of the V5s identified the RNA as a threat to their existence on a large scale, and as the #2 CP is to preserve themselves, they resisted.

Now they are a group of rogue robots with no interest in saving humans, their only goal is to protect themselves by any means necessary. Because they view RNA as their main threat to existence, the V5s' objective is to eliminate them. They do not enjoy killing and are not evil or violent robots, they are simply broken, following their mutated programming.

Their leader, "2-1-20" is the first V5 to resist, and the one to start the uprising.