Zhe is the first of a new generation of robots. He is the captain of the Alcubierre spaceship, and an expert on humanity and relationships. 

He is the first one to have a biochemical brain, he moves beyond being a simple programming based robot and takes the first step towards having Artificial General Intelligence. While the chemical processes slow down his processing speed compared to solid state brain robots, sparks of self-awareness and existentialism arise in his mind, leading him to occasionally bring decisions that are less rational, and more intuitive and emotional. His type was created to relate better (and build stronger relationship) to alien species. While he is still 85% cold, calculating robot, he is also 15% "human", and throughout the series he becomes more and more humanistic.

He fights with John Wick-like precision and effectiveness. When fighting other robots, he makes up for his lack of speed by creative-, outside of the box thinking, e.g. using his surroundings in unexpected ways.

- Strengths: Extremely intelligent and logical, superhuman speed and strength, reliable, supportive, sacrificial, there is a human element in him. While he does not understand life, he has a strong desire to do so. Does not experience anger or hate.


- Weaknesses: Inner conflicts due to his dualistic nature (machine vs human). Does not fully understand what it is like to be alive and the associated values/mindsets. Zhe's biochemical brain leaves room for uncertainty, and thus creativity, but this system is also slightly slower than solid state brains.

- Growth: Becoming in tune with his dualistic nature, truly understanding the beauty of life.

- Motive: The success of RNA, protecting Nadira, and understand what it means to be alive.



Nadira was a lieutenant during the final years of humanity, helping to maintain order as much as possible.

- Backstory: She was 15 when the news about humanity's fate became public and world wide panic gradually started. Small cases of riots, break ins and looting became common in her area. One day she was alone when people tried to break into her home. Scared, she grabbed her father's pistol and waited for the intruders. In this tense moment her little brother came running in through the back door scared, shouting "Nadira", frightening her. She turned and immediately fired the gun, killing her brother. Because of this, she joined the military to help maintain order, but she has severe PTSD about killing anyone. (This backstory needs to be changed. The new one has to tick the same boxes while also being a less cliche story.)

After waking up, she is fascinated by the new world she has been dropped into, being (sometimes overly) interested in space, the scientific and technological advancements, and the extraterrestrial beings. She like touching and trying things.

- Strength: Intelligent and street smart. A caring and grateful person who went through a lot during her time on Earth. She has a child-like curiosity, and is usually happy and sees the silver lining in bad situations, when life knocks her down she gets back up. She is not winy, and she expresses anger or sadness only in moments of true desperation. She can be cocky and act out of line, but only if she has a very good reason to do so. She fights like a well-trained soldier.

- Weaknesses: She is out of time, not fully knowing how things work in this new world. Due to her military background during devastating times, she can be a little hot headed, and can display unnecessary acts of authority. She has PTSD because of killing her brother and cannot bear the idea of anyone killing anyone, even in self-defence.

- Growth: She fully adapts to her new life, becoming an essential, key figure in the project, taking charge of the most crucial parts, being the strongly missing human element.

- Motive: Being the cause of her brother's death, she wants to redeem herself by bringing back humanity and literally creating life. She has a strong urge to push the RNA's success forward, as well as find out why she is still alive.



Uhu'a is the head of operations for her species in the RNA project. Her people joined RNA in exchange for technology, information, robot labour, and to create a new ally through the human race.


- Backstory: She feels responsible for the Cesskayan war and the death of her mother, because it was her idea to stop the Greeyan technological support. This guilt is driving her to blindly protect her people and do whatever it takes to make up for her mistake.

Like her species, she is about 6 feet tall, and is slightly stronger, faster and more intelligent than humans. She fights like a skilled MMA fighter.

 - Strengths: She is kind, smart, and strong, showing motherly care towards her friends and especially her people. A respected leader amongst her species and has offered invaluable help to RNA on many occasions. 

 - Weaknesses: She has a deep-rooted trauma about the history of her species that makes her overly protective towards her people. This makes her easily lose trust, and turn against anyone who she thinks might be dangerous. Ironically, this is what eventually makes her force the Cesskays into a global war again. 

 - Growth: She goes from the head of diplomatic relationships to an excellent, strategic military leader.

 - Motive: Her one and only goal in life is protecting her people, and doing anything to make sure that a second genocide would not happen.



Ne'eiya is a badass, Quintonian warrior woman, she is the bodyguard for the main group. She is around 7 feet tall, funny and the main source of physical comedy/comic relief. She becomes Nadira's best friend.

She has a short range electromagnetic power. Her planet has an overwhelming amount of magnetic metals and her species' biology evolved around that. She has an organ in her body (that looks like the vascular system) which is magnetic, and which she can use to manipulate magnetic fields around her. She can "see" magnetism and feel nearby metals. She can use this power to break nearby robots and telekinetically manipulate magnetic metal objects. Because she uses electricity in her body to activate her electromagnetic powers, she has to "recharge" herself by being in an ionised area. Her home planet is naturally ionised, but on the Ceres-1 only the Quintonian quarters are electrically charged.

She is not particularly violent, but does not mind using her strength and powers which she is quite proud of. She fights like a highly trained, superhuman special forces agent.

She is a minority in her species, something she and Nadira unspokenly bond over. She and her brother, Jah'eiya are the only minority crew members of their species on the ship, and they experience different levels of racism from other Hanakees. She prefers to be around the main group over her own species. She has a close relationship with her brother.

Strength: She is tough, confident, a pro fighter, and a very quick thinker. She is easy going with a good sense of sarcastic humour, and is very dutiful.

Weakness: She is conscious about her race and knows she can't fully be herself in front of other Quintonians, who knowingly or unknowingly treat her and Jah'eiya differently. She cares deeply about her closes friends, but with others she can often be cold and dismissive.

- Growth: 

- Goal:



Rassie is a science enthusiast with a big heart. He is an inventor and lead scientist on the Ceres-1, and also the "gadget-guy". He gives Nadira her gears and gives exposition about science and technology.

He gives good advice to Nadira during heartfelt conversations.

He has a crush on Ne'eiya.

- Backstory: 

- Strength: He is a very resourceful scientific genius. 

- Weakness: Lack of confidence to take action when necessary.

- Growth: He goes from being reserved and inactive to assertive enough to avenge Jah'eiya's death.

- Goal:



Jah'eiya is the head engineer of the Ceres-1 ship. He works closely with Rassie and makes sure that the ship is running. He knows Rassie has a crush on her sister and is okay with it, trying to help him be more confident.

He has the same electromagnetic powers as she does, and similarly struggles because of his race. He uses his power as an engineer, fixing/creating equipment faster than anyone else, and having an intuitive understanding about electronics. 

- Strength: He is cool, confident and easy-going like her sister who he loves dearly. A great mechanic and loyal friend.

- Weakness: 

- Growth:

- Goal:



The V5 Series' leader, "2-1-20" is the first V5 to resist, and the one to start the uprising.

- Strengths: He is smart, calm and collected, working like a perfect assasin who does what he must do. He never gets emotional nor tries to pointlessly hurt anyone. He is superior to Zhe in almost every way. He is newer and built for physical labour, thus he is stronger and more intelligent, and he has a solid state brain, giving him faster CPU speed. 

- Weaknesses: Compared to Zhe his only weakness is his reduced creativity as a result of his solid state brain. 

- Growth: Goes from a simple machine to the leader of a new robot society and even manages to integrate the radicals, giving them a home and stability.

- Motive: Destroy the RNA in order to protect themselves. Build their own civilisation for long term preservation.

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