Cosmos is a fully CGI sci-fi space opera series with a unique story, using motion capture and real time render to bring it to life.


Cosmos was first conceptualised in early 2017, and from early on, it was envisioned as a series deeply rooted in real-world astrophysics and quantum mechanics. The story's foundation was laid down in the next three years while research and tests were carried out to prepare for production.

The sizzle episode in the making (planned to be released at the end of the year) proved that bringing the story to life is possible, and since April 2020 further work has began to develop the series, such a writing and creating concept designs.


Humanity went extinct at the end of the 21st century, leaving a colony of A.I. robots with the mission to bring them back. Seven hundred years later, they reached to all corners of the galaxy, and were joined by numerous alien species, but their task becomes more complicated when a new series of robots revolts, and a living human is discovered.